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What’s eTA Australia? |Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to Australia

What is eTA Australia? |Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to Australia
An ETA is an electronic travel authorization to Australia provided by Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) that allows you to travel to as well as enter Australia. ETA is regarded as the advanced visa authorization service that’s applicable only for Australian tourist visas. Having an ETA, a traveler doesn’t need visa labels, passports stamps or any other paper trails that usually needs for a visa application. ETA visa Australia is applicable for short-term visitors and does not let individuals to work in Australia.

What’s Australian Visa Application (eTA Australia – ELECTRONIC TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION (Eta), to Australia)?

The Electronic Travel Authority is another name for Australian Tourist Visa. ETA authorizes tourists to visit, enter and live in Australia. This authorization is digitally connected to the tourist’s passport. ETA gives an eta visa Australia for a limitless time for visiting and business reason having a restricted number of visits (3 trips each month). Electronic Travel Authority requires precise details (passport and also passport number) on the Australia visa application as your passport to grant you a visa. It allows a person a 3 month vacation in Australia on every trip within the time period of 12 months. A visitor is allowed to stay in the nation beyond the validity of the visa, however it shouldn’t be more than three months.

ETA requires your passport to be a regular passport and valid for the following six months from your arrival in Australia. You have to again make an application for eta Australia in case of passport expiration or a new passport.

Qualified Countries for ETA Application

Presented below are the nations that are permitted to Australia visa application on the internet:
Austria Andorra, Brunei, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, South Korea, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland,Sweden, UK, USA and Vatican City.

Precisely what are Australia Visa Requirements?

The requirement for applying for an ETA is that the applicant has to be located outside Australia. Before you apply for ETA, you should have a valid passport as well as an active credit/debit card or possibly a PayPal account.

Passport Requirements

People who are in the above-mentioned places are just allowed to submit an application for ETA.

Traveling Reason

ETA is only applicable for travelers who are on tourism or a business trip for a short-term period. This is not a job visa thus, you’re not allowed to work in Australia on ETA. A tourist is supposed to stick to the terms and conditions and stay for the stated period of time on his visa.

Health Prerequisites

As Australia maintains a very high wellness standards, visitors must be in a perfectly healthy state at the time of the visit.

Tourists with active Tuberculosis are not permitted to visit.

Personality Prerequisites

The general character prerequisites include

  • •No prior criminal background involving jail sentence for over 12 months.
  • •Overall good behavior as a citizen
    Even if someone has got a prior criminal history, the ministry of home affairs can grant him a visa. Nonetheless it requires the individual to be truthful on the application and ministry takes all circumstances into consideration just before approving the visa.
    • Age Requirement

      Electronic Travel Authority can reject a visa application for visa applicants under 18 if they find the approving a visa isn’t in the benefit of the applicant.

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