Every year, people from all over the world migrate to Myanmar, with the fantasy of a new start. Regardless of the objective of the visit, it is mandatory to procure a legal visa. Some basic requirements are essential and needs to be taken care of, to ensure successful immigration.

Myanmar immigration visas are categorized into various classes, according to the purpose of immigration. These classes contain visas for skilled workers, parents, teachers, partners, family immigrations, company sponsors, students, visitors and functioning holidays, to name a couple. These categories can be further sub-divided into up to seventy-two sub-categories, each next individual processes of application and acceptance.

A person could apply for a visa on the internet (Myanmar visa
) or via a travel agent. In the event of an ETA, visitors are not required to submit their program to the Myanmar Visa Office and neither is there any stamp or label in their passports. An ETA allows multiple entries to Myanmar, given one visit doesn’t exceed three weeks. However, the ETA alternative is available just for residents of an ETA eligible country.

Apart from ETA, regular visa assistance can be available online. Certain visas need assessment checks before program, which can be provided as a free service online. All the necessary forms, booklets, government policies, hints and hints, payment directions and the list of documents required are payable, depending on the type of visa. Free telephonic consultation is also provided by some of these service organizations. It is important to look at the credibility of the organization and the service, prior to paying the exorbitant immigration fees.

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