Work in USA

To Work in the country, a person should possess a visa and the functioning visa may be H1B, H2B, E1 and E2 visa or Green card. The visa aids the US government authorities to calculate the thieves who have entered the country for work. The rigidity of the Homeland Security Act has resulted in the United States strictly demanding the necessary documents needed, to operate from the USA.

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Though the job visas are issued for a Period of one year, they can be extended to 3 years, if needed. A sponsor is necessary for each and every person who functions in the united states. In this case the employer becomes the sponsor. The employer should also furnish labor certification to the worker, for extending his stay in the country.

immigrant workers

The employer also has to justify the Reason Behind hiring Temporary non immigrant workers, due to the paucity of local employees, to the department of labour in the USA. The labor certification needs to be approved by US citizenship and immigration services for its non immigrant worker to temporarily operate in the USA. Visa for Sri Lanka

part-time work

You can also Take part in part-time tasks or seasonal jobs during the summer time or winter season using an appropriate visa. Regardless of being temporary, these seasonal opportunities make it possible for individuals to gain more income by utilizing their vacation time, constructively. You can discover temporary employment in summers in the summer camps, tourist spots, hospitality industry, hotels and travel bureaus and be employed in ski resorts and retail showrooms in winter.

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